Joe Dynan

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Lyrics from Joe e. dynan's 2012 release

We're almost Done

We're by a fire whispering chants, something about a love dance.
You hold the key in your hands, but nobody here understands.
And so you try escaping your fate to see it manifested anyways.
Like running down stairs at night, you just trust they're there if you can't see 'em right.
And I see you stumbling now. Your whole world's tumbling down.
And I know that look in your eyes. That's the "unwilling to compromise."
And that's your demise...
And I ain't surprised...
If everything is a joke to you, a wake up call is long overdue.
So why can't we cut through red tape? 1 2 3, let's go, escape
All of this controversy, that's nagging at you and me
Cuz now that you know what you do, you will regret just a few
Of the things you've said and done, but its all good in the long run
So let's have some fun,
Cuz we're almost done
Cuz we're almost done.

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We're Almost Done is Copyright Joe Dynan 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.