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Joe Lee Dynan was 16 when he met Paul Simon. Meeting Paul* inspired Joe to focus on his own writing and music. By the time Joe was 20 he had produced 4 albums, was part way into a 5th album, and had completed several books of lyrics and poetry.

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Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle with Denise Dynan

*Our little sister Denise invited Paul and Art to stay at our home after a concert - an invitation they happily accepted.

All The Roads All the Roads (Lyrics) Produced from November 1970 – January 1971
End End Produced from February 1971 – July 1971
Ice Cream Pony Ice Cream Pony Produced from July 1971-October 1971
Screwdriver Screwdriver Produced in December 1971
Joe Dynan We're Almost Done Lyrics